Friday, May 20, 2011

Team Pork Update

Since I still had some bacon and a couple of sausages left I gave it another whack. It's exactly the same with these exceptions:

  1. Cut the bacon planks a little bigger
  2. Par-cooked the bratwurst by poaching before browning (still used my pioneering ends-first method)
  3. Stole some half-and-half from the client fridge to mix with the egg yolks to coat the farfalle
Results: Much improved. A little shocked how big a difference the small changes made, especially how one ingredient can be so pivotal. Also, successfully used up all the bacon and sausage.

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  1. Hi

    I'm a journalism student, aspiring food writer, and just general foodie form South Africa.

    I just wanted to say your blog is so inspirational to me and I've found out about a lot of neat cooking tricks from you like coating your pasta with a yolk mix. I did this last night and it turned out epically delicous.


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