Friday, April 15, 2011

Galletti With Peas in Pepper Sauce with Tapenade

I really need to go grocery shopping. Every night Heather needs to be fed, but we have fuck all left for ingredients, so I end up making these random-element meals and hoping they aren't gross. Tonight I boiled the last of the galletti and made a tomato-free sauce of butter, onions, red pepper, peas and garlic. The sauce was rich and had a nice heat, but was a little dull and one-dimensional. I made a quick tapenade by chopping some wine-cured olives, capers and honey, and piled a little on top of the dressed pasta. I garnished with some toasted pumpkin seeds, which added a nice crunch.

I didn't have any fresh herbs, or I'd have chopped some and with a little olive oil and black pepper, might not have needed the tapenade. We're also out of olive oil. (vg)

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