Thursday, March 31, 2011

Handmade Mezzalune with Aged, Cured and Corned Meats

March 24, 2010
These mezzalune (that I made) were stuffed with chopped prosciutto, corned beef, salami, cashews and olive oil, then cooked (by me) and dressed with a fresh sauce (that I made) of tomatoes, garlic, butter and smoked paprika. Then I put them on a plate and put a little garnish and parmigiano on there. Cashews for pete's sake. After the hard peas incident I felt a little pressure to deliver.

Sweet Sausage Hash

March 19, 2010
Just a little hash made with Yukon Gold new potatoes, scallions, herbs and sweet Italian sausage, served with a white wine pan sauce and some garlic toast. Enjoy.

Braised Sweet Sausage with Cavatappi and Peas

March 17, 2010
Tonight we have a braised sweet Italian sausage, served with cavatappi and peas, made with some mint, trappist cheese and white wine. I forgot the nuts, but I was going to put some toasted nuts on there. Sorry about the nuts. Also, the peas were hard because I don't know how long to boil peas. Apparently it's longer than you need to boil pasta, because that's how long I boiled them. So sorry about the nuts and the hard peas.

Simple Polenta with Ham, Shiitake Mushrooms, Tomatoes and Kale

March 8, 2010
Here we have simple polenta with a condiment of kale, shiitake mushrooms and tomatoes, topped with a little smoked ham, shaved parmigiano and toasted almonds. Enjoy.

Seared Flatiron Steak with Bulgur and Mixed Greens

March 8, 2010
Tonight we have a flatiron steak seared with a rosemary/salt/pepper rub, served with some bulgur and mixed greens (collards, mustard, mint and scallion topped with some sliced almonds) and dressed with a little red wine sauce. Enjoy.

Penne Rigate with Apples and Bacon

February 21, 2010
Here we have penne rigate with apples, bacon, onions and gorgonzola. On top is a little shaved parmigiano and some crunchy sea salt, mint and parsley. Enjoy.

Honey-Chipotle Hanger Steak with Kale and Bulgur Farrotto (and homemade sweet tea)

March 17, 2010
Here we have a hanger steak, rubbed with some honey and chipotle, then seared and finished under the broiler, served with a red wine pan sauce made with onions, porcini mushrooms and serrano peppers. For contourni we have some bulgur farrotto and mixed greens. Enjoy. 

Simple Galleti and Pizzetta

Here we have galleti with a simple sauce of butter, tomatoes, garlic and herbs, served with a pizzetta of salame, aged trappist cheese, spinach and tomato, broiled and dressed with a liitle olive oil and sea salt. Enjoy. (vg)

Fried Plum Wontons and Kale

March 31, 2010
Here we have some kale wilted with bacon,  jalapeno, ginger and onions, dressed with some coarse mustard, sea salt and honey and garnished with some almonds. On the side are a couple of fried dumplings stuffed with diced plums and bleu cheese. The dipping sauce is a mayonnaise seasoned with a little Siracha hot sauce, mustard and toasted sesame oil. Enjoy. (vg)

Vegan Spring Rolls

March 29, 2010
Tonight we have some spring rolls, made with Kale, mint, ginger and cilantro, with a sweet-and-sour mustard dipping sauce. Enjoy. (v)